Companion Animals

Adopt, Don’t Shop

Be part of our campaign to get local stores to stop selling animals bred in puppy mills. ACT also participated in the effort to stop gas chambers and advocated on behalf of mandatory spay / neuter and anti-tethering laws.

Animals in Clothing

Stop Deadly Fashion

Love animals – don’t wear them. We speak out against the companies that profit off animals’ bodies for mere fashion.

Animals in Research

Deadly Medicine

Abuse of animals in science labs is still abuse of animals. Your support will help us speak out against the institutions and companies that persist in the unscientific and barbaric use of animals for research and product safety tests.

Animals in Entertainment

Tortured Existence

Animals on stage, in cages, or on display are deprived of their freedom and happiness. Animals deserve to be free, and we’ll support liberation for every animal until the last circus, zoo, and rodeo is shut down.

Animals in Food

Don’t Feed On Me

Most animal abuse occurs behind hidden doors in factory farms. We expose the abuse, educate the public on these issues, and work to make vegan lifestyle changes easy for everyone to adopt.